About Us

Who We Are

RIZMEK Enterprises is well trusted name of the industry and global exporter and manufacturer of leather goods especially leather fitness products and leather accessories. We always believes in developing and providing a reliable range of quality leather products to buyers which they can re-sell with confidence to their valued customers.

What We Offer

At RIZMEK, we have subtle Leather production unit with skillful hands to handle the modern machinery and equipment which enable us to produce the finest leather products at competitive prices in the market. Our commitment being a manufacturer is to provide the highest quality product and services to our valued Customers and Users.

We also manufacture high-quality custom leather products of your need based on your choice, design and patterns for your personal brand at our manufacturing facility. We maintain the uniform quality during production process and every piece of your custom product undergo our quality control tests.

Our Quality Control

High-quality leather products must not only satisfy many material-relevant material requirements but also have excellent optical properties. These requirements apply to leather in particular, since leather is mostly used for visually appealing products (e.g. belts, etc). Because leather is a natural product and possible has quality-degrading properties, so-called “surface defects” are manifold and hardly avoidable.

For this reason at RIZMEK, quality control tests are carried out several times during the production of leather products and accessories along with the production chain. This surface test is challenging and usually takes place as a manual 100 percent visual inspection in order to maintain our quality.

Process Flow for Custom Order

Step -1

Drawing and Design

In the first step, we abstract your imagination and transform into design.  

Step - 2

Sample Production

In the 2nd step, we convert your selected design into a real product. Which you can hold into your hands and can compare this with your imagined and designed product.

Step - 3

Mass Production

Mass Production begins, once you’ve approved sample product.

Step - 4

Quality Check

Finally, we ensure that each item of your order must comply with your the specification and pass our strict quality check standards

A Few Words About

Our Team

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Muhammad Usman

Founder - CEO

Muhammad Arslan


Marketing Head